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Top 5 Places to Share Your Shiny New Company Video


Congratulations! You have a fantastic new company video!

It’s high-quality, authentic, and showcases your culture and services to a tee. It’s ready to be shared with the world, but you don’t know exactly where or how to show it off.

Whether it is an ad or an explainer video, you can’t keep this baby hidden away! It was made to share!

Here are our Top 5 Places to Share Your Shiny New Company Video:

  1. Your Website

First things first, always update your company website by adding your new video. It’s important to keep present and future customers as up-to-date as possible on what your company is up to.

Having your company video on your site gives your consumers another way to interact that isn’t just reading text. It keeps your site dynamic and interesting.

A video is also a great tool for communicating quickly to potential buyers about your company’s culture and services. When they come to your site, they can hit play on your video and decide quickly on if you’ll be a good fit for their needs.

  1. LinkedIn

If you are a B2B company (a business that sells services to other businesses), sharing your video on LinkedIn is definitely a smart move.

LinkedIn, after all, is social media for businesses and business people; the video is going to reach your target audience with ease!

Go ahead and share it from your company’s profile as a regular ol’ post OR see what kind of results you can generate by purchasing an ad spot.

  1. Social Media Feed

On the flip side, if you are a B2C (business to customer) company, go ahead and share that bad boy with other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

There’s a whole slew of consumers EXCLUSIVELY looking to social media for their purchasing decisions and you want to be one of their options!

BONUS POINTS: Videos are favored by social media algorithms across ALL platforms which means when you share your company video, it will be put in front of more people than if you just simply shared a text post.

  1. Facebook Groups and Pages

Facebook groups and pages are their own category because it’s different than simply sharing your company’s social media profile.

Sharing your Facebook profile will typically only share with your established audience, but there’s a whole world you’re missing out on within other Facebook groups and pages.

Groups and pages are niche communities full of folks you do not have to be friends with to interact with. For example, if your business sells auto parts in the Portland area, “Portland Used Cars and Auto-parts” would be a great group to join to reach consumers who don’t already follow your Facebook page!

Or join more broad groups like “What’s Going on In Eugene”, for example, if your company is in Eugene, Oregon and you want to reach more general consumers.

Join some groups or pages and get to sharin’ your new video!

  1. Industry Related Sites

Last, but not least, you should share your video on any industry-related sites.

This could be your local Chamber of Commerce website, websites hosting competitions, or trade show websites. Give Google a quick search for trade shows and competitions in your industry or city; you never know what you’ll find! There are dentistry trade shows, tourism competitions, and so much more!

Wherever you choose to share your new company video, just be sure to share, share, share! You’ve worked hard to create media that represents your company and you deserve to reap the benefits of wide-reaching exposure.

3 Types of Videos Every Business Should Have


If you are struggling to get your company’s message into the community, creating a company video should be your next step!

Videos are the medium of the moment! Consumers are gobbling up videos like it’s the last supper. And why do people love ‘em? Because videos are a fast, interesting, easily-consumable way to learn and/or solve a customer’s problem.

Since videos are being consumed now more than ever, they are a fantastic tool for company visibility. Businesses small and large are finding massive success just by making sure their message and services are circulating the web via video.

Don’t have a video for your business, yet? Do not fret! It’s never too late to make one (or a whole bunch!).

Here are our 3 Types of Videos Every Business Should Have to get you started.

Before we jump into it, it’s important to note that every type of video answers a question that your customer has about your business. Figuring out which questions you want to answer will help you select which type of video to create. (Hint: You will want to answer all of these questions at some point).

  1. Promotional

A promotional video is absolutely the first type of video your company needs. It’s the central piece of media that encapsulates your business. It answers your customer’s first question: “What is the business? What do they do and what are they all about?”

This is a great opportunity to tell your customers about your company basics like:

  • The services you offer
  • Company culture
  • Overview of who you are

A great promotional video will show more than it tells! It should be chock-full of action shots of your services being performed, your employees getting along, and happy customers.

This paired with fast-paced, snappy cuts should leave customers feeling high-energy and excited to call you!

  1. Educational

The next type of video that your company should produce is an educational video. Educational company videos answer the question: “Does this company know what they’re talking about?”

These videos could be about:

  • how to use your products
  • how to perform maintenance between appointments
  • or how to perform other industry-related tasks

For example, if you are a Real Estate Agent, you might make a maintenance video on “How to Keep your Yard in Shape Even Before it’s Time to Sell” or an industry-related task video like “Understanding the Housing Market in Portland, Oregon.”


 But they will pay off in the long run.

Educational videos don’t have anything to do with selling your product or service. They have everything to do with establishing yourself and your business as the experts!

If consumers know they can come to you for free, tangible advice, they begin to trust you and will be more likely to come back to spend money on your services in the future.

  1. Testimonial 

Finally, your business should create a handful of testimonial videos.

These are exactly what they sound like– videos of your customers giving testimonials on your business and services. These videos answer the question “Has this company provided value to members of my community?”

People are more likely to buy from businesses that are trusted by other community members.

We can toot our own horns all day long, but when customers see OTHER PEOPLE singing our praises, THAT makes the biggest impact.

If you have a happy customer, kindly ask them if they would be willing to share their experience over video or voiceover. It’s always best if you can have an actual customer give their testimony instead of an actor. It’s more authentic and builds trust.

A great testimonial will outline a specific service the customer purchased from you and exactly how it helped them. Ideally, it will also state what community you service.

For example: “Every time I come to stay at Joe’s Motel I have a great time. My family and I have been coming here for 15 years and it’s the only place we will stay in Eugene, Oregon. We love the family suites: they’re clean, quiet, and the staff goes above and beyond to make us feel at home. 5 stars!”

That’s a wrap!

So, which type of video should you make? ALL THREE! And ideally in the order listed here: introduce yourself with a promo, prove you’re an expert with educational, and establish a reputation with testimonials.

Don’t wait to get started! Tell the world who you are with a company video.