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Medical and Dental Video Production

Unscripted video interviews with staff and patient testimonials is a powerful way to build trust with future patients for your medical practice. We make the process easy for you by identifying your video goals and delivering amazing results.

Startups, Crowdfunding, Animation, Whiteboard and Explainer

Our team of animators, voice talent, motion graphic pros and designers will help take your crowd-funding creative idea to the next level. Let’s dream together and get it launched.

Retail, Restaurant and Professional Business

A great business video not only looks and sounds spectacular, but communicates your message better than any other medium can do. Our videos engage people, increase foot traffic, help sell your product or services and actively build your online presence.

Non-Profit Video Production

Most non-profits can’t afford a fancy video, that’s why we introduced the Win-Win NP Program that gives local businesses a chance to partner with a non-profit that shares their values and the NP’s don’t pay a dime.

Real Estate Video Production

In the ultra competitive and fast paced world of real estate, video can help you gain the edge to sell your property faster and position yourself as the most trusted agent in town.

Tourism, Aerial, Time-lapse, and Relocation

When you need to attract visitors to your city through video SEO, we have all the tools to make your trails, parks, breweries, shops, restaurants and attractions explode with color and creativity.

Corporate Video Production

We have a business mindset and the ability to deliver your company’s unique branding message in a powerful way. Our Portland and Oregon clients have used us for training videos, recruitment videos and promotional company overviews.


Each day, thousands of people in your city, search Google and YouTube to find answers to their questions. As an expert in your business category, you should be sharing your content on a regular basic either through a blog, video blog (V-Log) or YouTube channel.